A significant part of this site is the family trees as originally published in "The Seed of Isaac" by the late Rev'd Rex Kissack. These trees have subsequently been expanded and corrected as I have come across additional information.

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Rev Rex Kissack wrote the book in the 1980's and only 350 copies were made. It was "Highly Commended" in the "Seven Hundred" competition of the Institute of Heraldic and Genealogical Studies in 1983.

I am grateful to his wife, Elizabeth, for giving me permission to publish his work on the internet, and it is done for the same reason that Rex wrote in the forward of the book:

"for any who bear the name Kissack, or have it in their ancestry. It is particularly for those who no longer are in touch with the Isle of Man, where the family originates, but who wish to know something of their roots"

Rex's intention that his work is 'for those who no longer are in touch with the Isle of Man' is met with it's publication on the internet. His work is now no longer restricted to 350+ hard to get books - it's available around the world. "The MacIsaacs" also by Rex had some corrections to the "Seed of Isaac" and these have been incorporated here where possible. Other information has been added be me as I receive it, primarily relating to the family trees. The Tynwald Court paid tribute to Rex on 28th April 1998 and you can read that tribute here. To read the Seed of Isaac text, click here.