The Oddfellows is a Friendly Society. You could join between ages 16 and 44 if you were in good health (A doctor's certificate would be required), paid a joining fee and regular payments every fortnight at the Lodge. In return you would be paid when off work through sickness and if you or your wife died a £10 payment would be made for the member, £5 for the wife - this to be used towards funeral expenses.

Widow and children would also benefit from the 'Widows and Orphans List' and receive a payment every three months. In the days before social security this was one of the few options for getting help in times of sickness and bereavement.

On 6th Feb 1871 Thomas Kissack received the £10 donation as Administrator to brother John Kissack - suggesting perhaps that the benefits could be extended beyond husband and wife (perhaps Thomas was not married and listed John as a beneficiary?)

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