William Frederick Kissack (b1923)

Some additional information relating to William Frederick Kissack was discovered on ebay when the Kissack name popped up in a search and the items record Williams installation at the St Trinians Freemason's lodge (No 2050) at Freemason's Hall in Woodbourne Road, Douglas. I am not sure whether this is an installation as Worshipful Master or something else - can you help?

On 1st Nov 1967 the agenda item (5) records 'To install William Frederick Kissack' and on the cover of the booklet he is listed as 'Master Elect. 1967-68 - Bro. W.F. Kissack' so I don't know whether he was being installed into that position or taking over as Master, because on the back under 'Officers for 1967-58' he is listed 'W. Bro W.F. Kissack ... W.M'

Interestingly under the list of 'W.M's' is another Kissack: '1965-6 F.C. Kissack' and '1966-7 'F.C. Kissack'

A later document records, on 15th Nov 1967, his installation as 'Worshipful Master' and subject to a toast by the outgoing F.C. Kissack

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