This KISSACK genealogy site offers readily accessible information relating to the Kissack family name, Kissack personalities, their "Family Tree" and all things related to them and the Isle of Man (from where the name comes).

Pages include the "Family Tree" which began from the information published in the book the "Seed of Isaac" by the late Revd Rex Kissack. The family tree has subsequently been expanded as more information became available. Please note that I have not validated all the information here, but rather offer it as a compilation of Kissack family tree information to assist in your research. I welcome your submissions and corrections, so please contact me.

Alongside the "Family Tree" and the "Seed of Isaac" there is also a section on individual "Kissacks", a section with their biographies, stories and/or other relevant content. Where I have sufficient information on a family or individual, I have separated these into the "Spotlight" or "Individual Kissacks" section.

There is also some "Census" information and general "Manx" information. I also offer some Manx photos, poetry and the scanned images from the the "Seed of Isaac". There is also a small section on places using the Kissack name.

There are links above to assist your navigation around this site; these should drop down and allow you to choose relevant pages.

Please contact me if you would like to submit feedback or requests.

Thank you,

Allan Kissack