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We want your Manx Genealogy story! - Here you will find items relating to genealogy in the Isle of Man. Do you have something to add? If you do, then please contact me with it and with your permission I will add it here.

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Getting a copy of the Seed of Isaac

I occasionaly get requests via email on where to get a copy of Revd Rex Kissack's book "Seed of Isaac". The book was written in the 1980's and only 350 or so copies were printed. It is the foremost research book for those interested in the Kissack name. Featuring family trees and details of families as uncovered during Rex's work.

However, the book is very scarce and it is difficult to get a copy. This was one of the reasons I explored with Rex the possibility of placing his work on the internet. He was surprised at the interest it had generated and was happy to see his work reach a wider audience. So the work is here for your enjoyment:

  • The Text
  • The Trees
  • The Tree expanded with subsequent investigation

As to getting a copy of the book, I can only suggest the following possibilities

  • Contact as many Manx secondhand book shops you can
  • Post a request on the Manx bulletin boards
  • Set up a favourites search on Ebay (in case one comes up)

Starting my Manx Research

I occasionally get questions from people sharing a Manx surname asking how to start out in their own research.

Often these people are on distant continents, the USA and Australia being recent examples. My email replies are often very similar so I thought there some value in publishing here the 'first steps' I give.

Obviously an internet search is invaluable in finding information, but to get some very specific information relating to your 'name' I recommend the following:

  • Post you question at the Manx Genealogy Boards. The members there are very helpful and have a wealth of Manx genealogy information that they are willing to share
  • The Isle of Man Family History Society (IOMFHS) publishes a members journal that is full of Manx genealogy. Whereas a particular journal may not focus on 'your name' you can be sure that it will inform and broaden you Manx knowledge.
  • The Isle of Man dot com website has a page that may be worth a visit. It includes links to other one name websites.
  • The Manx Notebook is in my opinion a 'must have' visit to get a broad range of Manx information and feeling for our history.

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