1867 Salaries

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In 1867 William Farrant was concerned about the neglect of the Lhen Trench, and he wanted it drained.Large tracts of the boggy Ballaugh and Jurby Curraghs would be drained with the intention of enabling agriculture.

So he employed local men to carry out the work. His records reveal the pay made to his workers and the recompense varies from 8d to 2s 4d per day. Between September and November the work took place and included at least 3 Kissacks:

  • Daniel Kissack, employed for 35 days at 2s 4d per day
  • Caesar Kissack, employed for 3 days at 10d per day
  • JT Kissack, employed for 1 day and paid 1s

We can probably deduce that Caesar was a labourer, whereas Daniel was likely a more skilled tradesman. Daniel, possibly of JuXXIII.

Caesar was probably the son of John & Catherine (JuXXI), who had some 12 children. He later emigrated to America.

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