Manx Parishes

Here's a list of parishes, and major towns, on the Isle of Man

English Parish/Town Name Manx Parish Name English Sheading Name Manx Sheading Name
Andreas Andreas Ayre Inver Ayre
Arbory Cairbre Rushen Rosien
Ballaugh Balley ny Loghey Michael Maayl
Braddan Braddan Middle Medall
Bride Breeshey Ayre Inver Ayre
German Charmane Glenfaba Glion Faba
Jurby Jorby Michael Maayl
Lezayre Chreest ny h-Ayrey Ayre Inver Ayre
Lonan Lonan Garff Garff
Malew Malew Rushen Rosien
Marown Marooney Middle (prev. Glenfaba) Medall (prev. Glion Faba)
Maughold Maghal Garff Garff
Michael Maayl Michael Maayl
Onchan Connaghyn Garff (prev. Middle) Garff (prev. Middle)
Patrick Perick Glenfaba Glion Faba
Rushen Rosien Rushen Rosien
Santon Stondane Middle Medall
Port Erin
Port St Mary