John Kissack (1857-1919)

Died September 2nd, 1919.

It is with feelings of profound sorrow that the writer pens a few lines to the memory of one of the most remarkable and enthusiastic Manxmen of the mainland. On Tuesday, Sept. 2nd, Mr John Kissack, foreman in the boiler shop, Vickers, Ltd., and chairman of the Barrow Manx Society, and ex-Sergeant-Major of the Salvation Army, passed away with tragic suddenness, at the age of 62 years. About fourteen years ago Mr Kissack sustained severe injuries whilst superintending the removal of some marine boilers. On removal to the hospital, it was ascertained that the had sustained several deep scalp wounds, injury to the spine, and the fracture of several ribs. Being of a strong and robust constitution, he was able to leave the hospital after a period of four months' treatment, but he never regained his former good health. On Tuesday, Mr Kissack left his home for a short walk, unaccompanied, in the direction of Rampside, along the public footpath. About noon he was found alongside the pathway in a state of unconsciousness by two workmen. The motor ambulance was 'phoned for from the Pulp Works, and in a short time he was conveyed to the North Lonadale Hospital, expiring a few minutes after his admission to the Institute. Mr Kissack was a native of Sandy Gate, Jurby, being a son of the late Mr John Kissack (JuXXIV?), shoemaker, of that place. In his younger days he was engaged in agricultural work, and for several years was employed by the late Mr Dan Cormode, House of Keys. On leaving the Island, about 38 years ago, Mr Kissack came to Barrow, where he obtained employment in the Barrow Shipbuilding,Co.'s yard. Through strict attention to, duty and conscientious service, the was promoted to charge hand, and on the firm of Vickers, Son, and Maxim taking over the concern, he was appointed foreman in the marine boiler shop, the position which he held up to the time of his demise. Soon after his arrival in Barrow, Mr Kissack identified himself with the Salvation Army movement, and continued to take a leading part in all the services, sparing neither time nor money in furthering the interests of the Army and the carrying on of its good work. He wag an excellent speaker, and in his addresses and sermons spoke feelingly and convincingly. He was an enthusiastic member of the Barrow Manx Society,, joining the society the first year of its inception. About nine years ago he was unanimously elected chairman of the committee, and continued to hold the office with great acceptance until his death. He was a profound lever of his native land, and was always reedy to assist his fellow-countrymen and give them sound advice. Mr Kissack had an affection, for the Manx Society. His genial manner and hearty co-operation in matters pertaining to the welfare of the society, socially and financially, were most marked. His position will be hard to fill, as he was an ideal chairman. The funeral took place on Saturday, and was largely attended by members of the general public, his colleagues in the works, and his fellow countrymen. The first part of the service was held in the Salvation Army Citadel, being conducted by Commandant Windybanks (Barrow) and Commandant Charles.worth. On leaving the Citadel, the cortege was joined by the Salvation Army Band (of which deceased was a member for several years), and a large number of members of the Army, walking in procession. A most impressive service was conducted at the graveside, and many of Mr Kissack's comrades and fellow-country. Men were visibly affected, which testified to the high respect and regard in which he was held.

The following were the principal mourners :-Mrs Kissack (widow), Mr R. Mayor, Mr John Kissack (sons), Misses J. Kissack, K. Kissack, A. Kissack, A. Clayton, E. Kissack (daughters), Mr and Mrs Fowler, Mr and Mrs Cannell (sisters and brothers-in-law), Mr B. Clayton (son-in-law), Mr T. Kissack (brother), Mr E. Runner (brother-in-law), Mr T. Curphey. Mr and Mrs Hugh Fowler, junior., Mr and Mrs Smith. The pall bearers were Mr H. C. F. Lace (hon. sec.), Mr T. Morrison (hon treasurer), Mr A. P. Kennish (hon. auditor), Mr W. Killip, Mr T. Crellin, Mr V. Boyde, Mr H. Corkish (Manx Society).

E. C. F. L.

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