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Kissack, Ann, born in Douglas, infirm in House of Industry 1843, aged 37 years to 1851 unmarried. Receiving treatment from the Doctor in 1848. Daughter of Phillip Kissack/Ann Quirk.

Kissack, Isabel, of Douglas, sometimes entered as McKissack widow of William, he died 1809 and Isabel left with five young children. Given a flannnel petticoat in 1827 and other payments (Charity Book).

Kissack, Jane, of Ballaugh, receiving help from the Church in 1868 to 1871. (Ballaugh Charity Book)

Kissack, John, of St Anne (Santon Parish) collected 7s 9 1/2 d in Jurby 25th April 1773, his son being heavily affected by uncommon runny ulcers in his thighs and legs (Parish Register).

Kissack, Nelly, a widow on Peel paupers list of 1841-42, receiving 2s 6d to 7s in May 1842.

Kissag, William, of Onchan, left 1s 4d by Maragaret Edmunds in her will in 1728, both of Onchan; he received it November 27th, 1729 (RB 528).

Kissack, William, inmate of the Destitute Children's Home in 1881, aged 11 years, attending school. In 1885 living in the township of Clarke, County Durham.

Kissack, Jane Receiving help from Ballaugh Church from 1868 to 1871. Ballaugh Poor Book.

Kissack, John of Santon Parish, collected 7s 9.5d in Jurby 25th April, 1773 his son being heavily afflicted by uncommon runny ulcers in his thighs and legs. Parish Register.

Kissack, Nelly A widow on Peel Paupers list of 1841 receiving help various payments from 2s 6d to 7s until May 1842.

Kissag, William of Onchan mentioned in the will of Margaret Edmunds in 1728 'a poor old man' left 1s 4d, he finally received the legacy Nov 27th, 1729!

Kissack, William In 1881 in the Destitute Children's Home in Douglas aged 11 years. He was sent out to Canada and in 1885 was in the Township of Clarke County of Durham. Children's Home Reports.

Kissack, Mary widow of Isaac Nee Kinley (Thomas advanced in years a Pauper living in Lonan in 1814, with Robert Kinley a poor labourer with 8 small children. Robert and Isaac Kissack married to Mary Kinley to look after him 6 months each. - Liber Causarium) She was of Narradale, Lezayre in 1842 receiving help, Isaac and Mary had 11 children. Isaac died in 1838, Mary died aged 79 years in 1846. Parish Register.

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