Wilfred Kissack (1877-1959)

Beginnings - Wilfred's Story

Wilfred was widowed early (25 Feb 1924) and he relocated to British Columbia, settling in Enderby, B.C. where he lived until his death 27 Oct 1959 at 81 years of age. I was privileged to meet with him for perhaps an hour during the month of July, 1959. He was, upon re-connecting with me as family, and as his eldest brother's grandson particularly interested in the status of all family members about whom I could provide information. From our discussion that day, I concluded that he had lived a solitary life, certainly withdrawn from family, and it appeared similarly withdrawn from the Enderby community. It is only now, as I write this memoir, having now a realisation of the solitary life he must have led during his early years on the "homestead" at Bluff Creek" in Manitoba, finding a relationship with Belle Torrie, his sister-in-law when he visited with his family in the south, establishing a home in Lakeside, and then, very early in the marriage relationship, losing his bride after but a few years together.

by Gerry Kissack

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