Jane Kissack's Bible

Chris Boswell contacted me by email in Aug 2004, having searched on the internet for the name Kissack that appeared in "a beautiful old Manx bible or VIBLE CASHERICK 1819 translated into Manx gaelic". He got the Bible in a second hand bookshop in Chalk Farm, London, it was in rather poor condition.

It has several handwritten ink inscriptions in the fly leaves the principal one by Jane Kissack dated October 1 1820. The main inscription reads .....

"Jane Kissack her Book and y iff this Book be stoled a way remember this on Judgement Day when Christ will . Cum and say wher is this Book you stold a way Returen O holy Dove Return sweet meshener of rest I hate sins that made thee mourn"

from the verse 4 of hymn "O for a closer walk with God"?

At the back of the book there is an inscription by: "Thomas Kifsack Douglas Isle of man Jun the 8 1842"

it goes something like

" the race we all a runing out and if we first return the to there wil(l?)ing ha(n?)ds shal "

also: "Jane Kifsack is my name and Douglas is my stattion the J......y"

Chris can't really read this last word, but there's also a strange little circular face drawn with one eye dot inside and one outside the circumference ! and upside down: " I J Mr Thomas Kissack his manse Book "

Chris also found a loose little printed 2"x3" sheet by the Wesleyan Methodist Society, it's a 'Quarterly Ticket for September 1857' with a biblical quote and a handwritten signature by Eleanor Kissack.

An interesting find, and thanks to Chris for passing on this information.

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