Maughold - Edward Kissack (1896-1972)

1901 Maughold Census
District: 3, Schedule: 57,
Address: Rhenab, Maughold, Isle of Man

Thomas Kissack Head 53
Isabella Kissack Wife 46
Annie Kissack Daughter 25
John Kissack Son 19
Elizabeth Kissack Daughter 13
George Kissack Son 8
Clarke Kissack Son 4
Walter Kissack Son 3

The family of Edward living in Maughold, Father Thomas, mother Isabella, sisters, brothers and twin Clarke.
1901 Rushen Census

District 5, entry 30,
Address: Cronk-e-Dhooney

William Costain Head married 62 highway labourer Rushen Manx and English Speaker
Anne Costain Wife married 57
Bride English
Wilfred Costain Son single 20 bootmaker Rushen English
Annie Costain Daughter single 16
Rushen English
Edward Kissack nephew single 5
Maughold English

Here is twin Edward in the care of his aunt miles from 'home'.