Dining Out

It is common in the British forces to have a formal dining event in Officer and Sergeants Messes as people join (Dining In) or leave (Dining Out).

Here is a group photo taken during the Dining Out of Warrant Officer E Roy Kissack (front centre) as he leaves RAF Digby and the RAF on his retirement. Present at the Dining Out were many members of the Sergeant's Mess. Pictured here are invited commissioned officers, warrant officers and Sergeant E Allan Kissack (front left), Roy's son.

top row - WO Brian Sperrin, WO Al Dobbs, 'Mister Vice' Sgt ?, WO Underrill, WO Stan Poole,WO John Vann, WO Bob Porter
bottom row - Sgt Allan Kissack (guest), Wing Commander Stephenson (Station Commander), WO Roy Kissack, Flt Lt ? (oi/c Sgts Mess) and WO Ron Williams