My thanks go to Revd Rex Kissack for writing the book 'Seed of Isaac'. This was the stimulus to preparing this site and it also provided a great deal of it's content. My thanks to his wife Elizabeth for allowing me to publish his work here.

Also thanks for those of you who continue to provide information relating to the family trees. Whether that be additional members and dates, complete new families, or corrections - your contributions are valued.

To Leslie Howard for 'GED2WWW', GPL software that generates the
family trees pages from a gedcom file. I cant seem to find the original site, so the original compiled code with source is available here: (ged2www, source).
Note that I have heavily modified the original software to fit my needs. These modifications are primarily relating to the 'Kissack trees' and the need to originally retrieve the information from 'MySQL', although now further modified for markdown and Pico CMS.

The developers of CMS Made Simple - the original tool used to build and present this site. Because of it's extensibility, I was able to write "FTree" a CMSMS module to retrieve the Ged2www data from mySql and present it within this site. I have subsequently moved the site to Pico CMS that used markdown and is simpler to maintain.

To the authors of Brothers Keeper a genealogy program that I use. I am sure later versions provide far better functions than those in the version I have. Have a look here.

To those programmers working on GPL software that enable so much to happen at low cost.

If you wish to contact me please use this link. I especially welcome additions and corrections to the Kissack trees. If you appear on the trees and wish to be removed, please let me know.