Marriage in Hong Kong

Manxman Roy Kissack joined the Royal Air Force in 1956 after beginning an apprenticeship at the Isle of Man Times newspaper, where he worked in the print room. Also working at The Times for a time was Janet Alexander and I wonder if this is where they met; as it was in 1957 that the couple were to marry in Hong Kong. Roy had been posted there after his radio operator training.

The Times records the impending wedding in their 20 Sep 1957 edition: " TO MARRY IN HONG KONG

Two former employees of the "Isle of Man Times" will marry in Hong Kong - very shortly after the bride-elect arrives there. She is Miss Janet Alexander, at one time a counter clerk in the "Times" Office and L.A.C. Roy Kissack, of Douglas, now in the Royal Air Force. Before he joined the R.A.F. he was in the machine shop of this newspaper.

Last Saturday Janet was bridesmaid for her sister, Diana, who was married to Mr Ron Killey. Both girls have lived on the Island for many years with Mr & Mrs J.J. Morrison, 12, Crosby Terrace (As their parents were off the Island) and, from a conversation I had with Mrs Morrison this week, I know she is going to miss her "daughters" very much.

Janet travelled by boat to Hong Kong a trip that took many days. On 19th October 1957 the two were wed in Hong Kong.