I became a Christian in 1993. At that time I was serving in the Royal Air Force and shared an office with several people, one of whom, John, was a Christian. John was always willing to talk about his faith and it gave me an opportunity to ask him those key questions we all have about life.

It quickly became apparent to me that this Jesus was not just relevant to John, and other Christians, but to me too.
I had never had an interest in church and in the preceding 15 years had only been, I think, 4 times - my marriage, the Christening of my two sons and the funeral of a colleague. These, after all are the things you go to church for, aren't they? But as I learnt more about Jesus, and how his life affected mine, I realised that perhaps those lurking questions I had about "the meaning of life" could be answered by Jesus.

I began to read the Bible and quickly realised that Jesus' life impacted mine. That what he said, and taught, had power and was relevant to me. His story challenged me to look at my life and how far I had drifted from God - a God so far away, I barely knew. The questions raised where, and are, serious questions that strike home, right to the heart!

The bottom line, I learnt was that I was either for Jesus or against him. It was decision time, but in reality there was no choice..... I had gone astray, made mistakes, and this Jesus offered me a fresh start - and the offer was as clear as if it was made to me personally, friend to friend.

I was, from that day on till today, a Christian. I'm not perfect, I still have lots to learn, I still make mistakes and foul things up. I know what I should do, but have difficulty doing it, I know what to avoid, but can find myself in the midst of it.... But in all of it I know that, because of Jesus, things will be OK. He understands and is prepared to forgive, to give me another chance. So I move onward, seeking to follow Him.......

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